The deadline for each issue is announced in the call for papers which is published on Kuriositeettikabi.net and shared via museum-related e-mail lists. If the article arrives after the deadline, it can be omitted or transferred to the next issue. You can inquire about dates from the editor via email.

Sending the article

You can send your article to the editor attached to an email. You can also send your article, if agreed, to the member of the editorial staff, who has requested the article from you. In this case, please send your article few days before the deadline to secure its publication.

Technical instructions

For technical reasons, your text should be unformatted, e.g. without bolding, italics etc. If you have any special wishes regarding the layout of your text, you can include them in the email with your article. Your wishes will be taken into account if possible.

Your article should include:

  • the title
  • a short abstract
  • subheadings
  • paragraphs
  • captions (including the name of the photographer)
  • preferably a short description of the author (e.g. ”The author is BA, who studies art history at the University of Turku / works as an assistant in museum X.”)

Proofread your article before sending it. The optimal length for an article for this journal is 1 ½ to 2 pages. The publication of longer articles can be discussed with the editorial staff.

Articles should be delivered preferably in DOC or DOCX format.

If you use references in your article, we recommend that you use endnotes, not footnotes.


Plan the illustration for your article beforehand. You can discuss the pictures with the member of the editorial staff, who has requested the article. You can also ask help from the editorial staff regarding the illustration, but this should be done well before the deadline, since the journal does not have a media archive.

You can send 2 to 5 pictures with your article. Please provide the information on the photographer and captions. Accepted file formats are TIFF or JPG/JPEG, for graphics also GIF and EPS. Please avoid sending large files attached to email. Maximum size for an image attached to an email is 2 MB. Images are edited before publication e.g. by reducing their size. Kuriositeettikabi.net reserves the right to edit the pictures.

The author is responsible to clear the copyrights for the images used in the article. If you use images or graphics created by someone else, always ask permission to use their work. Please notice that some museums require that you ask their permission to use the photos you have taken in museum, if the images are meant to be published and used in a journal. If you do not have the museum’s permission to publish the images, they cannot be used in Kuriositeettikabi.net.

Rights of the editorial staff

The editor makes decisions regarding the publication of the articles. Your article may be edited or shortened. In some situations, a requested article may be left unpublished or transferred to the next issue. If you have any questions or you wish to write to Kuriositeettikabi.net, please contact the editorial staff via email kuriositeettikabinetti@gmail.com