Who can write for Kuriositeettikabi.net?

Anyone who is interested in museum related topics, is welcome to offer their articles, whether a student, a professional, or an occasional visitor.

What are the requirements for articles?

Instructions for writing an article for the journal can be found here. Send finished articles by e-mail to kuriositeettikabinetti@gmail.com.

Do I need to inform the editor about the subject of my article in advance, or can I just send a finished text?

Informing the editor about your subject in advance helps the editorial board to plan the issue and decide whether your article is suitable for the current issue, or for a future issue. We prefer to know about the subjects in advance, but finished articles are also very welcome.

I have an article, but the topic doesn’t fit the theme of the issue. Is it okay to send the article anyway?

Absolutely! Themes are only guidelines. We publish articles outside the particular themes as well.

I have written a paper for a course in my university. Can I offer it to the journal?

Yes. Essays and academic papers may require editing into more journal-like form, but we are happy to publish articles based on study assignments.

I don’t feel confident in writing in English. Can I write my article in Finnish?

Yes. Kuriositeettikabi.net is mainly aimed for Finnish readers, but we like to offer students a possibility to practise writing for journals in English.

I am not from Finland and I don’t understand Finnish. Can I still write for this journal?


Are authors paid for published articles?

Unfortunately, they are not. Kuriositeettikabi.net is run by voluntary work of the editorial board and the journal doesn’t seek profits.

I have more questions or I would like to suggest an article for the publication.

We are happy to answer your questions and inquiries via email kuriositeettikabinetti@gmail.com.