Editor-in-chief Aida Salmi


It has been said that a vibrant museum is also in a vibrant engagement with the present day. Organizing events at museums is a good way to attract new types of audiences, take into account the needs of different museum goers and provide unique experiences. The idea of this theme issue, Events at the Museums, was born at the lecture on museum pedagogy where we were able to see a video glance of the way on how the Sydney-based Australian Museum produces its events. The visitors were able to dance with headphones on surrounded by huge dinosaur skeletons, eat food and drink refreshments from the bar and make a visit to the makeup artist who offered UV-light face paintings. Despite of the party atmosphere, the visitors were walking through the exhibitions and galleries absorbing knowledge and stories of their cultural heritage.

There are many opinions about museums as carnival like party venues. Of course, it is understandable indeed to worry about the wellbeing of the collections. Still, it is very interesting to see how museums have started to break away from their traditional roles and to gain new territories in a form of events. The fresh winds are also blowing in Finnish museums.

Especially the first two articles are focusing on the theme of this issue. Susanna Lahtinen explains how Turku Castle organizes it events. Merja Nummi on the other hand tells about the events of Hotel and Restaurant Museum and its events such as tasting tours, bar night and dinners. Laura Lehtinen introduces The Särestöniemi Museum located in the Kaukonen village, Kittilä. She tells about the museum mainly from the aspect of cultural environment. Taneli Hiltunen in turn goes into detail of the Eteläinen community hall in Tavastia and its colorful past and its present significance. In conclusion, Heidi Hämäläinen reports on a museum forum that was held in Berlin in the fall of 2017. In this event, museum workers from Finland and Germany were discussing the themes of inclusion as a strategy for the future museum.

It has been a completely new thing for me to be an editor-in-chief. I want to thank Henna Ala-Lehtimäki for the help in spell checking and Henri Vehmanen for the technical support. I also want to thank Kaisa Luhta, the former editor-in-chief of Kuriositeettikabi.net for the orientation and advice.

The biggest thank you is for the writers for their excellent articles!

I hope you have a pleasant read!


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