Editors-in-chief Hanna Haverinen and Kaisa Luhta


This is the second issue of Kuriositeettikabi.net of the year 2017. This year is special, since Finland celebrates 100 years of independence in 2017. There are numerous events, projects and museum exhibitions to commemorate the Finnish independence. Kuriositeettikabi.net also wanted to take part in the celebrations, thus the theme Finland +/- 100. The theme offers a chance for contemplation and insight. The writers were able choose whether to look back to understand the way our nation came to be or to gaze ahead to the future to see what Finland could become.

There are five articles in this issue, all of which approach Finland and the cultural heritage of Finland from different point of views. In this issue the reader will submerge into the underwater world of shipwrecks and gaze into the skies at the air show in Kaivopuisto.

Milla Airosalmi writes about historic Finnish wrecks and contemplates how to make them more accessible to the wider public. Aune Kämäräinen tells the origin story of two small private museums. The Mooses Putro Home Museum showcases Ingrian heritage whereas the Kaarre’s War Museum honors all veterans and their efforts in the war. In this issue we have two articles on aviation and aviation history. Kaisa Nikkilä takes us on a virtual tour of the Finnish Airforce Museum. Valeri Saltikoff writes about the Kaivopuisto Air Show, which was part of the official Finland 100-program. Saltikoff gives us some insights into the planning process of the air show and reveals how the weather nearly ruined the event. Finally Samuli Kaneis writes about his experiences as an intern at the Sports Museum of Finland.

Thank you to all our writers for the interesting and engaging articles. One of the many perks of this position is to discover, through our writers, many museums worth a visit. It is a pleasure to be able to share these insights to our readers as well. Next time you are planning trip around Finland, we suggest browse through our archives a little, you might find hidden museum gems, which are worth visiting. There are plenty of those in Finland.

We hope you enjoy reading the issue as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you.


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