Welcome to the 21st National Seminar of Museology

To recycle, mend or discard? -Is the museum world prepared for KonMari?

The museology seminar organised by the students of museology from the department of music, art and culture of the University of Jyväskylä will be held on April 20.-21st 2017. The seminar will be organised in collaboration with the Nordic Association of conservators, Finland; ICOM committee of Finland and the Finnish Museum Association. On Finland’s 100th anniversary the theme for the conference will be preservation of cultural heritage.

This topic becomes prominent when we are discussing the issue of what and how we can preserve for future generations, as economical factors become ever more constraining and our facilities become more and more cramped. The seminar deals with the challenges that museums are having regarding the maintenance and management of their collections. The topics covered by the speakers, amongst other things, the problematics of disposing of old collections, protecting exhibits, and the general practices regarding the disposal of old collections and items. There will also be case studies made by conservators, workshops, and a panel conversation. The seminar will be international and the programme will include topics both in Finnish and in English.


Anne Bjørke, Head of Collections, Bergen City Museum
Heikki Häyhä, 
Konservoinnin lehtori, Metropolia ja

Leena Paaskoski, kokoelmapäällikkö, dosentti, Suomen metsämuseo Lusto
Tiina Paavola, 
Kokoelmakeskuksen päällikkö, Tampereen museoiden kokoelmakeskus
Nina Robbins,
 FT, YAMK taidekonservaattori
Satu Savia, 
tutkija, Helsingin kaupunginmuseo
Kerstin Smeds, 
professori, Umeån yliopisto

Heli-Maija Voutilainen, Museotoimenjohtaja, Jyväskylän kaupungin museopalvelut, Keski-Suomen museo


You can find more information on our website: http://kiertoonkorjaukseenvaipoistoon.blogspot.fi/

The page will be updated during the spring. You can also follow the seminar on Facebook in: https://www.facebook.com/kiertoonkorjaukseenvaipoistoon/


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